Dec 24, 2016

Download Straight Outta Club Template PSD Flyer

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If you are looking for a Free Printable Flyers for Event then Straight Outta Club Flyer Template is is a good option for you.

Straight Outta Club is a flyer design photoshop ,the design is unique and impressive and suitable for all your projects. This luxury free flyer template will surely attract a lot of people. Easy to edit and layers are well organized, Use it as you like.

Enjoy downloading the Free Straight Outta Club Flyer Template created by Flyerheroes

This is a Free Club Flyer,Free DJ Flyer,Free Electro Flyer,Free Flyer Templates,Free Hip Hop Flyer,Free Karaoke Flyer,Free Party Flyer. Coming straight outta… FlyerHeroes! Well the inspiration for this design is certainly no secret. “Straight Outta Compton” is dominating the movie charts, so I figured it would make the perfect motif for an old skool hip hop flyer.

PSD Flyer designs of this style are incredibly popular due to their easy-to-read nature and promotional effectiveness.

That also means that this template is incredibly easy to customize. Drop in your own stock photo (or image of your performer), edit the preset text areas and you’re ready to get printing.

If you’d like to learn how to make this flyer design from scratch, you can watch the entire 27 minute tutorial on our blog.

There is a lot that newbie designers can learn by downloading this template and digging in to the structure of the Photoshop file. See also: 90+ FREE Flyer Templates for Photoshop

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